Gonna get to take Feminism as a class this year!!





Fem post are equally retarded. Your beliefs are fucking crazy. Expand your mind before you shorten your life span over worrying about unnecessary agendas that’ll ruin the world for everybody.


Death before honour.

Death before dishonor*



Army “sociologists” fear that not having enough black officers will be harmful to the military.




Seriously? What happened to qualified people only? Is diversity so important that sacrificing integrity and performance of a profession like doctors, firefighters, and soldiers is worth it? Is the answer to people not being able to qualify really to lower the bar instead of saying tough shit work and study harder?

The article said 10% of active duty officers are black. You need an accredited undergraduate degree and no criminal record to be commissioned. Considering that the black population are 13%, and that studies show 30% of those will spend time in jail, and other studies showing only 50% graduate highschool, I think its safe to say that blacks are OVER represented. But do people who are so concerned with equal representation care? Or even know? Doubt it on both accounts.

Instead of being so focused on “diversity” they should be more concerned with the content of their character and capability of the soldier. Literally only taking the best for leadership roles.


And why the focus on blacks? Why not asians? Or native americans? Is it just blacks who are incompetent or something? Why is it that everything that needs more diversity only talks about “not enough black people” rather than minorities in general.

Looking forward to gender quotas and religion quotas and political belief quotas and sexual orientation quotas and so on.


"I’ve never refrained from changing clothes in front of them, or leaving the door open when I shower, or nursing babies without a cover. Because I want them to see what a real female body looks like….”

Sorry fit thin women with attractive bodies, you are not real, you fake ass mother fuckers

>those supportive comments

Lets reverse the article. A father and his 4 young daughters.

"But before all that happens — before they’re exposed to abs that are as chiseled and firm as expertly crafted bricks by a master stone mason,  and pictures of taut, airbrushed, defined muscular physique and large packaged well endowed men — I’m exposing them to a different kind of male body..


Ours is not a modest household. I don’t lounge around in the buff like my girls do (and I spend more time saying, “Put on some pants!” than anything else) — but I’ve never refrained from changing clothes in front of them, or leaving the door open when I shower, or nursing babies without a cover. Because I want them to see what a real male body looks like. Because if I don’t — and their first images of a naked man are the impossibly perfect physiques in those magazines or those movies — what kind of expectations will they have? And what man could ever live up to them?

There will come a time when I cover up when they’re around. I’m sure at some point I’ll hear, “Ugh, Dad, put some clothes on!” or that they’ll learn to knock before barging into the bathroom (which sounds heavenly — I’m not gonna lie). But until then, I’ll let them run their fingers along my flabby one pack beer gut, and grin and bear it when they squeal with delighted laughter at the way my cock and balls jiggle and swing when I walk across the room to grab a towel. Because while they’re young, I want to plant the seed — so that when they’re older, and their husbands say, “I wish I had more muscles,” my daughters can say, “They’re perfect just the way they are.”

I wonder if people would be as supportive of him as they are with the woman in the article.

No. No they wouldnt. He would be in jail and his kids would be with CPS.

>muh body positivity
>muh equality
>muh “real” female body




Relax guys its just a coincidence lmao nothing to see here keep on moving

The 1400 files of child rape that made the news a while that showed a 16 year coverup by police and council officials to protect Pakistani immigrant child rapists because of political correctness and “racism accusation fears” have all gone missing! They have mysteriously disappeared!


My post on the Rotherham scandal and the details

My post on how the person that broke the story got in trouble and was sent on a “ethnic and diversity training” for saying the race of the rapists lmao

But have no fear!

This is unprecedented! Its not like there is a coverup this time, its just a coincidence :^)

I-Its not like this has happened before, trust your government and elected leaders :^)

>labour party responsible for all the diversity multiculturalism bullshit in UK
>also involved in all the rape pedo scandal stuff
>always in charge of investigating
>files and evidence always end up missing
>oh and dont vote ukip ;)
>if you do we will take your kids away

Lel dont look into this you tinfoil conspiracy nut. Its just a coincidence.


who can draw hot twilek sith lords cus it aint me !

No it’s not.


who can draw hot twilek sith lords cus it aint me !

No it’s not.

May I ask why it is easier for you to write poems about girls?


have you ever seen a girl

I see what you did there, but it’s not funny.

i think youre hot but that youre really rude

Well thank you, you think I am rude because you don’t know me. In real life I am a wonderful person, but I don’t take peoples shit.