I prefer death grip :)

I prefer death grip :)


that stupid bitch halle berry crying about paying 16k a month child support and how she shouldnt have to pay and retard women and beta cuck men defending this shit lmao

meanwhile robin williams $30,000,000 alimony to his wife and money troubles being a part of his suicide and women going around fuckin underage boys and suing them for child support or women making men pay child support for kids that arent theirs lmao

top kek

That’s why you should just murder your wife. It’s a lot easier. Cheaper too.



I actually like this hashtag

Seriously though this shit happens more than it should.

Feminism is cancer.


Just some peaceful ferguson civil protesters.

Trying to find the vids of them spitting on police and their cars and breaking their windshields and threatening their families. It was from the same night this video was taken, from the same guy streaming (Bassem Masri) but cant find it.

Btw the guy filming said live streaming several times he supports ISIS and Hamas and hopes they go after their (the police) families.

Real peaceful yo

I hope they all get Ebola.

You're not a hebrew, are you?


Lol no

What’s wrong with being Hebrew?








The new liberal Belgian Minister of Health and Public Affairs, Maggie De Block



"Jana kree to seh vah toh nee ka ta ra Solo, wo ho ho ho hooo"

Its like having fat doctors and fitness trainers and cops and soldiers or retarded teachers.

I dont get it.

I’m really not opposed to executing people who let themselves become this.

What the fucking shit is wrong with you?

please stop OP 

waa stop fat shaming waa

That’s a big bitch.



Can someone explain to me why a show like the Walking Dead which makes some absurd amount of money, has either no Armorer on set or they have the cheapest worst Armorer in TV history?

That show is a complete joke when it comes to firearms. It’s like public…

Lmfao black people be like "He was holding a sandwich not a gun" What kind of fkn sandwich fires bullets.


ban assault sandwiches and tactical mayo and extended bread slices

think of the children


Black people eat fried chicken. Not sandwiches.